What is the grading policy for both Algebra 2 and Geometry?

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Tests and Quizzes:

  • Tests and quizzes will be announced at least two days in advance and will be written on the board.
  • Assessments will be announced in advance as half or full period assessments.
  • Reviews will always be given for tests and quizzes!


  • Homework will be checked and given a grade of 0, 1, or 2. Full credit will be given if a solid, logical effort and work is shown.
  • Homework is not accepted late, except if you are absent or if you speak with me.
  • Students can always see me for help on homework in the morning!

Class Assignments

  • Class assignments will be randomly checked and graded, so always put your best effort into everything you do.

Concept Checks:

  • Concept checks will help students prepare and study for major assessments.
  • Concept checks will be graded and are printed on color paper. This will help students study!

All grades will be put into Genesis in a timely manner. Genesis is the best way to monitor your child's progress. Assessments will be handed back once all students have taken it.