What does the PTSA do with the membership money?

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A portion of the annual dues go to the State and National PTA. The EBHS PTSA  portion is budgeted to fund the following:

- Senior scholarships. To be eligible, the family must be active members of the PTSA by February of that school year.

Teachers grants. Teachers must be an active PTSA member and submit a Grant Application to the PTSA President kidsrach3@gmail.com

- Assembies which are coordinated with the principal and guidance counselors

- Senior Sunrise The PTSA provides Grab N Go breakfast snacks during the Sunrise they can enjoy together

- Senior Sendoff Type of Event to be announced

- Senior Sunset The PTSA will provide snacks and students will receive their year books.

- Staff Appreciation There is a Back to School Breakfast and a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.