March 15 Principal Message:

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March 15 Principal Message:

Dear Parents,

I hope you are well and adjusting to our new reality as we make preparations to protect our families. My focus has been more on modelling calm for my children, as they look to me for guidance and assurance.

Please note that starting tomorrow, teachers will be sending out digital assignments, primarily through email to you and/or your children's email address.

We have decided to alternate the assignments, as listed in the table below, in order to help reduce the volume of emails you and your children receive, while still sustaining as qualitative of an educational as possible within our digital means. These will consist of 2 days worth of assignments.

A Day (starts this Monday, March 16)

​(First assignments sent by 2:50 PM)

B Day (starts Tuesday, March 17)

(First assignments sent by 9:30 AM, then daily at 9:30 thereafter)



Social Studies


Elective/PE (follow grade 6/7 A/B schedule)

Elective/PE (follow grade 6/7 A/B schedule)

World Language

Cycle Class

Schedule for the week:

​Monday, March 16- A Day

​Tuesday, March 17- B Day

​Wednesday, March 18- A Day

​Thursday, March 19- B Day

​Friday, March 20- A Day​

Teachers will send alternate day assignments out to you and/or your child by 9:30 AM daily, and then be available to respond to you and your child's questions and submissions throughout the school day, which will be maintained from 8:00 AM to 2:50 PM daily.

For the first day, Monday March 16, expect your first assignments to be received later, as we are holding a digital faculty meeting to go over everything together. All assignments will be delivered for the classes scheduled by 2:50 PM Monday and then 9:30 daily starting Tuesday. The only exception to this is if a teacher has an unforeseen circumstance, and then we will adjust accordingly.

​Students do need to acknowledge to teachers in an email response that they have received assignments to check attendance.

If you or your child send a question or comment to a teacher before noon, requesting a response it is reasonable to expect a response the same day. If you send a message after 12:00 PM, you may hear from them the same day, or if not by the next morning on a given school day.

Please bear with us as we adjust to this new normal. We want to continue communicating with you, and providing as quality an education as possible and while that may look different over the next week or so, we will work with you and your child to make this happen.


Mike Gaskell, Hammarskjold Principal