How does my child know which bus to take?

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Students can tell their Regular Bus # by looking at their bus pass (in Parent Access).  The bus numbers shown will be in the following format: 

BUS # EBBxxx - this will be the actual number on the bus which is assigned to the route.  Do NOT use this number to find your bus as it is subject to change without notice at any time.

Route # HM00xxA(P)0x  This is the bus number that you need to make sure your child knows. 

For Example:  If your ROUTE NUMBER is HM0010P it will mean the following

HM denotes Hammarskjold School

0010 denotes bus route # 10

P = PM (A=AM)

In this case, the student will need to know that they are on bus HM10

Students can find his/her Activity Bus and the stops of the Activity Buses by checking this document...

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