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    Talented and Gifted Program

    Daniel Moran
    Supervisor of Social Studies and Gifted Education
    Magaly Alvarez, Secretary
    (732) 613-6766

    Differentiated instruction, in which gifted students are met at their own levels and challenged with appropriate assignments, begins in kindergarten and continues throughout students’ academic careers until graduation.

    From kindergarten to fourth grade, students are supported by differentiated instruction by their general education teachers. Assessment data including reading levels, writing skills, math assessments, and classroom performance are used to determine the level of differentiation and rigorous content provided to each student.

    Students in grades five and six will receive gifted services based on their local (school-based) and standardized (NJSLA) assessments.   

    In grades seven and grade eight, students may be placed in honors-level courses. After grade eight, students may place themselves in honors and AP courses, provided they meet a course’s prerequisites. Information about the criteria for placement in these courses can be found through department websites and in the course catalog.

    In no way does being identified as “gifted” guarantee admission to honors or AP courses in later years, nor does not being identified as “gifted” prevent a student from taking such courses at a later time.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s access to gifted and talented services, please contact Daniel Moran at dmoran@ebnet.org