Inclement Weather Procedures


    How the Decision is Made: The decision to have an emergency closing or a delayed opening rests with the Superintendent of Schools. In making the determination, the Superintendent consults with key District and Township officials; the District’s Director of Support Operations and Transportation Manager as well as the Township’s Emergency Management Coordinator and police. Weather conditions and the state of District and Township properties are discussed. While we recognize that emergency closings and delays are inconvenient for families, the safety of students and staff is first and foremost when making the determination.


    • Can the buses safely transport students to and from school? 
    • Can students safely wait outside for school buses? 
    • Are the cross walks cleared of ice and snow so that they are safe for students to walk to school? 
    • Have the roads been cleared sufficiently for students and staff to drive to and from school safely? 


    School Closing:  The final decision must be made no later than 5:00 AM to close schools. When the Superintendent makes a decision, the information is then disseminated to district administrators. A message is sent to each student’s home telephone number via Blackboard Connect. Announcements will also be made on radio stations WCTC 1450 AM and New Jersey 101.5 FM and cable stations EBTV Channel 26 and News 12 New Jersey. Announcements will also be posted on the district’s web site. 


    Delayed Opening: If road conditions permit, a delayed opening will be utilized. Information will be delivered through the same channels: Blackboard Connect, the district web site, cable stations EBTV Channel 26 and News 12 New Jersey, and local radio stations. 

    Delayed Opening Schedule Hours
    East Brunswick High School 9:26 AM to 2:12 PM
    Churchill Junior High School 9:26 AM to 2:12 PM
    Hammarskjold Middle School 10:03 AM to 2:50 PM
    Hammarskjold Morning Start Program Begins at 8:50 AM
    Elementary Schools 11:10 AM to 3:25 PM
    Elementary Early Morning Program Begins at 9:00 AM
    General Education Inclusive Preschool AM 11:10 AM - 12:40 PM
    General Education Inclusive Preschool PM 1:40 PM - 3:15 PM

     When it is necessary to close schools before the regular dismissal time, a Blackboard Connect message will be sent to the home telephone number and the numbers identified on the emergency contact form. An email can also be sent if so indicated. Announcements will also be made on the radio and cable television stations, and posted immediately on the district’s website.

    For an early dismissal, a decision must be made by 10:00 AM to arrange transportation. The decision is based on conditions and forecasts at those points in time. Attempts will be made to call the parents of elementary school students or their alternates listed on the emergency contact forms. At the secondary level, students will be able to call their parents/emergency contact. Parents are asked to discuss emergency procedures with their children. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of any change in emergency contact information.

     An emergency dismissal also means the cancellation of all after-school and evening programs scheduled to take place in any of the District’s twelve buildings, the eleven schools and the administration building.


     Early Dismissal Schedule

     East Brunswick High School

    11:58 AM

     Churchill Junior High School

    11:58 AM

     Hammarskjold Middle School

    12:43 PM

     Elementary Schools

    1:45 PM

    ASK/Encore After School Programs

    When there is an Emergency Dismissal ASK /Encore is closed. Staff will remain until all students have been picked up. Parents are asked to please pick up children as close to dismissal time as possible.













    While any emergency closings and delays create disruption to the routine of school days, the Superintendent must think primarily of the safety of transporting students to and from school. The decision is not made lightly and not without thinking of the impact on students, employees, and parents. In addition, it is important to remember that weather problems can cause bus delays and parents should have emergency plans for child care in effect.


    Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Each decision regarding school closings or delays must be made on a case-by-case basis. The number one priority is safety.