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Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

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New Student Registration

Elementary Schools: Parents are encouraged to call the office of their home school to make an appointment to register.    If you don't know which school is your neighborhood school,  contact the transportation office at (732) 613-6741.

If your child has graduated from an accredited Kindergarten program he/she can be registered for 1st Grade. Placement is subject to change at any time during the first six weeks of attendance in the district if, in the judgment of the principal, the child would be better served by placement in another grade.

Secondary Schools: Parent/Guardians must call the guidance office for an appointment.
  • Hammarskjold Middle School, Grades 6-7: Go to the Hammarskjold Registration Page for more information

  • Churchill Junior High School, Grades 8-9: (732) 613-6795

  • East Brunswick High School, Grades 10-12: (732) 613-6950

When you go to register, please bring:  Registration Checklist

  • Documentation of residency—at least four of the following:
  1. mortgage/deed or lease contract
  2. property tax bill if you own your home
  3. one recent utility bill or two if leasing
  4. one other form of identification with an East Brunswick address

Students transferring to East Brunswick schools should also provide:

  • Final report cards for two previous years
  • Standardized test scores

A certified copy of the child's birth certificate or other proof of identity, immunization records, and proof of physical examination by a certified physician that has been completed (within 365 days prior to school starting) are required along with proofs of residence. Included in your registration packet will be a medical health appraisal form for your doctor to complete. All required documents must be translated into English.

Registrants living with East Brunswick residents must:

      • Complete a residency form in the assistant superintendent’s office, (732) 613-6750.
      • Provide a notarized letter from the resident that certifies the registrants are living in their residence
      • Resident must supply proof of residency as stated above

To qualify for attendance on an affidavit basis the student must be:

      • Living with the district resident for reasons other than obtaining a free education in the East Brunswick Public Schools
      • The parent of the student must complete an affidavit attesting that the parent is unable to care for the child due to a family or economic hardship
      • Parent and district resident must complete affidavit and submit to the Assistant Superintendent (732) 613-6750.