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  • Any student-athlete who is interested in competing in college at Division I or Division II level must register for the NCAA Clearinghouse online at www.eligibilitycenter.org. Athletes who are planning to compete at the Division III level do not need to register.
    Winter Season (Season 2 & 2A) :  Physical packets due by November 13, 2020
                             (Season 3): Physical packets due January 15, 2021
    Spring Season (Season 4): Physical packets due by March 5, 2021
    New Tryout/Practice Dates: (Season 2)
    1/11 GIRLS BASKETBALL (10th-12th Grade) @ EBHS 3:00-5:00 PM TRYOUTS
    1/11 BOYS BASKETBALL (10TH-12TH Grade) @ EBHS 5:15-7:15 PM TRYOUTS
    1/11 BOYS & GIRLS BASKETBALL (9TH Grade) @ CJHS 3:00-4:30 PM TRYOUTS
    1/11 BOYS & GIRLS BASKETBALL (8th Grade) @ CJHS 4:30-6:00 PM TRYOUTS
    1/13 CHEERLEADING (10th-12th) @ EBHS  3:00 PM TRYOUTS
    1/13 CHEERLEADING (9th) @ CJHS 3:00 PM TRYOUTS
    SEASON 1 - Football, Track & Field, Field Hockey, B & G Soccer and Cheerleading- September 14th
    SEASON 2 - B & G Basketball, Bowling and Cheerleading - January 11th 
    SEASON 2A -Swimming and Winter Track & Field - February 1st
    SEASON 3 - Gymnastics, G Volleyball, and Wrestling - March 1st
    SEASON 4 - Girls & Boys Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, Girls Tennis and Spring Track - March 26th
    Links to the sport-specific questionnaire below.  Please fill out the daily attendance form EVERY DAY PRIOR TO practice.  If you are not feeling well or have any reason to believe you may have been exposed you must stay home until you get clearance from the doctor for your own, and your peers', health and safety.  Not coming to practice will NOT be held against you, please communicate with your coach!

     Boys Basketball 8th and 9th Daily Questionnaire



    Athletic Handbook 2020-21

    Opioid Video

    Alternate Transportation Form-  Filled out 5 days in advance.  Must get coach approval before athletic office.


  • Specific questions please see the list of head coaches below.
    East Brunswick is a member of the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association, the state governing agency, and the Greater Middlesex Conference, a 32-member organization. The athletic program begins in the eighth grade with soccer, field hockey, cross country, football, wrestling, basketball, softball, baseball, and track. In ninth grade, the same teams continue and cheerleading is added. Although ninth-graders attend junior high school, they are eligible to participate on high school teams.
    East Brunswick High School's athletic program is among the most comprehensive in the state. Fall teams are soccer, football, cross country, girls gymnastics, field hockey, girls volleyball, cheerleading, and girls tennis. The winter program includes basketball, wrestling, winter track, cheerleading, swimming, and bowling. Spring teams are baseball, lacrosse, softball, golf, track, boys volleyball and boys tennis. In total, there are 30 varsity, 15 separate junior varsity, 12 ninth-grade, and 11 eighth-grade teams.    If you are participating in athletics at CJHS or EBHS in the 2020-21 school year download the Physical packet provided above.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your decision, as team sports are a vital part of the educational experience. Athletic Registration and payment MUST be completed online by accessing www.ebnet.org/registrationandpayment
    Instructions for Community Bulletin Board Announcements to support fundraising events for Parent/Booster organizations
    Channel 26 EBTV coverage may be canceled because of weather; and there may not be able to cover if game start times, dates, or locations are changed.
    Bear Tracks-Directions to various athletic venues