• June 2, 2020

    Good Afternoon East Brunswick Community,

    I needed time to reflect...our confinement and isolation have given each of us and our families a front row seat to the social unrest unfolding throughout our cities and country.  In addition to television coverage, we are all subjected to continuous doses of social media imagery and commentary.  

    As your school leader, I am heartbroken over the senseless loss of life...over George Floyd and all those before him.  Countless peaceful public assemblies represent the pain and suffering felt throughout our society.  

    East Brunswick Public Schools has a rich tapestry represented by people of many colors, religions, cultures and genders.  Collectively, this diversity is what makes #EBSchoolsStrong.  Equity has been a priority for EB but it comes with the acknowledgement that this type of work is continuous.

    I wish I had all the answers.  We can choose to be blind to the differences among us.  Instead, I have a request...I ask you to join me in the celebration of our differences and the opportunities they present.  In addition to Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Arts it is time to add and maintain excellence in our school atmosphere as part of our school and societal narrative...for our students...for our families...for our entire EB school community.  

    Victor Valeski,

    Superintendent of Schools

    June 2, 2020

    Good Morning East Brunswick Community,

    As we prepare to wrap up our virtual school year you will receive a message from your child’s principal about dates, times and procedures regarding collecting essential personal material that may have been left in schools when we closed mid-March.  They will also share procedures for returning “district owned” material to schools.  These school specific procedures must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. 

    We will be hosting a virtual graduation for the Class of 2020 on June 17th at 11AM.  I hope everyone will join in the celebration of the accomplishments of this group of talented students.  Additionally, we continue to monitor Governor Murphy’s daily press briefings for relaxation of the limitations currently imposed by Executive Order 148 and NJ Department of Education directives on any in-person celebration of graduation.  Here is what we know today: 

    • Any in-person outdoor celebration may only occur on or after July 6th.  
    • The Governor’s Executive Order 148 limits any in-person celebration of graduation events  up to a maximum of 25 individuals,  inclusive of students, families, faculty and security.  
    • We must submit plans for any in-person celebration of graduation and be approved at least one week prior to the scheduled event.      

    Our collective focus, this summer, will be developing actions plans for returning to school this September.  Our Recovery, Refocus and Rebuilding buttons on the homepage of our website continue to provide a view of our ongoing priorities.

    Victor Valeski,

    Superintendent of Schools