East Brunswick Public Schools 1:1

  • East Brunswick Public Schools is proud to continue our commitment to 1-to-1. This school year, our students will receive either a Windows laptop or a Chromebook. Students in grades 3-12 are responsible for their assigned device. Devices should not be left in school. Device Coverage Plans will be offered at the beginning of each school year for all student devices.

    Grades 7-12

    Our grade 7-12 students will continue to have a Lenovo Windows laptop. These devices are versatile learning tools and include multiple-use modes and pen support that adapt to any learning environment. Its rugged build means it can withstand the rigors of the school day. We are also continuing to use the Canvas Learning Management system for our students in grades 7 through 12.

    Grades 3-6

    Students in grades 3-6 will be assigned a Chromebook device. Students will be able to access Google Classroom, District email and all appropriate applications needed. Chromebook devices are the initial step into classroom collaboration. Students will be required to take their devices to and from school.

    Grades K-2

    Students in grades K-2 will be assigned a Chromebook device which will be kept in carts in each classroom.  Devices will stay in classrooms unless needed at home for specific situations. These devices will be used to give students an initial understanding of technology in the classroom.