• A Message from the Principal


           Mike Vinella  
          Dr. Michael Vinella

    Dear EBHS Parents,


    Use of E-cigarettes and vaping products is increasing among teens at an alarming rate.  Easy availability, alluring advertisements, various flavors, and the belief that “vaping” is a safe alternative to cigarettes have made them very appealing to our students.  There is also increasing evidence that young adults frequently use E-cigarettes and vaping products to get high from marijuana and/or THC oils and waxes that can be vaporized.


    Due to the significant health concerns related to E-cigarettes and vaping products, our district is taking steps to educate students and discourage the use of these harmful products.  We consider E-cigarettes and vaping products to be paraphernalia in accordance with our Board of Education Substance Abuse Policy 5530. In addition, the use of these devices are also in violation of our Student Smoking Policy 5533, and the New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act.  Any student using, or in possession of E-cigarettes and/or vaping products will be escorted to the health office to have a urine sample collected to ascertain if he/she is under the influence, and appropriate consequences will be assigned.


    There are many resources in place here at EBHS that our students and parents can go to for support. In particular, our student assistance specialists and counselors are available to help at any time. If a student is currently involved in vaping and would like help, or has a concern for a friend, they can reach out to any staff member. Parents with concerns can also directly contact the school counseling team for support. If a student or parent chooses to self-disclose to school personnel, we will confidentially put together a support plan for the student and there will be no disciplinary consequences. Our top priority is that every student is safe and healthy.


    Moving forward we are also working to expand the education of our school community on vaping. In the near future, we plan to bring in a professional speaker on the topic to address our students, staff, as well as hold an evening event for parents. Furthermore, any student found in possession of a vaping device, or vaping on school grounds, will participate in an educational online course and receive counseling services.


    EBHS is a great school where students achieve excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. Let us all work together to support every student and rid our school of vaping. Thanks, and have a great evening.



    Dr. Michael Vinella






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    Assistant Principal, Grade 10
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