• ******As of 10/23 - I will be stopping this webpage and the class period-specific Google Classrooms and moving to a general one that is not specific to any class period.


    Please join the NEWEST Google Classroom using this code: easjsd




    Per my grading policy, which will be discussed with you during the first few days of school, homework is expected to be completed on time. Homework not completed on time will be accepted one day late for half credit unless the work is reviewed in class. Then no credit will be given. Homework will be given as needed, not necessarily each night. I will try to update this site daily with the current assignment.


     Important Dates: 

    10/18- PBSIS Kickoff

    10/28 Fairview Parent Meeting at 6 pm in the JMPAC

    Google Classroom: Visit https://classroom.google.com and enter the correct code based on your child’s science period. Here I will post assignments and activities as needed.

    Period 2:    4ldxjjh             Period 7/8: wiqfl8g

    Period 3:   vgi84w            Period 9: bn0bzpq              Period 11: u7mzp20

    Monday -  October 7
     Test tomorrow, be sure to bring BOTH a pen and a pencil
    Tuesday -October 8
    Wednesday - October 9
     No School
    Thursday -October 10
     Update vocabulary - for a list of classwork and vocabulary check Google Classroom
    Friday - October 11