• Per my grading policy, which will be discussed with you during the first few days of school, homework is expected to be completed on time. Homework not completed on time will be accepted one day late for half credit unless the work is reviewed in class. Then no credit will be given. Homework will be given as needed, not necessarily each night. I will try to update this site daily with the current assignment.


    Important Dates: 

    5/31 - Entire study guide (parts one and two) due
    5/31 - Vocabulary Packets due (you must have a Quizlet definition for all 56 words, group definitions for all words and a minimum of 15 my connections)
    6/7 - Oceanography Test
    6/10 - Notebook Test
    Google Classroom: Visit https://classroom.google.com and enter the correct code based on your child’s science period. Here I will post assignments and activities as needed.

    Period 2: v5tquqd                            Period 7/8: pyp44wu

    Period 3: tn9nuj                                Period 10: zm7dfn9

    Period 5/6: omge62                         Period 11: may4e26

    Gizmo's Class Codes
    Period 2: QLHFCG58WJ
    Period 3: TN8WVHNX2C
    Period 5/6: P3LDWPFJN4
    Period 10: 3Q3ZJKJDFR
    Period 11: GHQLP5DKNB
    Monday -  April 29
    Update vocabulary and study guide #1
    Tuesday -April 30
    Wednesday - May 1
    Thursday -May 2
    Friday - May 3