• La Maestra

    NOMBRE: Sra. Mirna López-Milazzo

    ESCUELA: Hammarskjold Middle School

    CLASE: Spanish-español

    TELÉFONO DE ESCUELA: (732) 613-6891 Extension: 4580 email: mmilazzo@ebnet.org

    Acerca de La Maestra

    Hola a todos mis estudiantes.  
    I am from Honduras,Capital-Tegucigalpa, Central America. 
    I worked in my beautiful country as a teacher for six year with 
    elementary students. Then, I decided to come to this country 
    since my parents, my sister and my brother were living here already.
    I studied Bilingual Education, Psychology and Spanish 
    at Kean University. While I was at Kean University, I had the opportunity to 
    study abroad at the University of Cantabria, Spain. I have now finished my 
    Master's degree in The Art of Teaching.
    I truly enjoy teaching. However, I also like to dance, travel, garden, read 
    and do arts & crafts among other things. Unfortunately, I don't like to COOK.
    I am very blessed that I have a wonderful family;my husband Kevin,
     works in a pharmaceutical company, and my two daughters (Johanna and
    Patricia. Patricia graduated from Seton Hall University and now is working as
    a social worker and Johanna graduated from Rutgers University as a business
    New addition to the family, Charlie a handsome Labrador.
    Señora Milazzo

    La Misión Para La Clase

    Es muy importante estudiar, practicar, participar y preparar 
    la tarea todos los días.
    It is very important to study, to practice, to participate
     and prepare homework every day.
    Es necesario llevar todos los materiales a la clase
     y llegar a tiempo.
    It is necessary to bring all the materials to class 
    and to be on time.
    Yo sé que todos los estudiantes son capaces de aprender español
    I know that all the students are capable of learning Spanish.
    Hurray for Spanish- ¡Viva el español!
    La bandera