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    La Maestra

    NOMBRE: Sra. Maryam Francione

    ESCUELA: Hammarskjold Middle School

    CLASE: Spanish- Español

    TELÉFONO DE ESCUELA: (732) 613-6891 Extensión: 4341 email: mfrancione@ebnet.org


    Acerca de La Maestra

    Hola a todos mis estudiantes.

    I was born and raised in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, México. Piedras Negras it's a small town that borders Eagle Pass, Texas. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience and learn about the American and Mexican cultures growing up. I have been living in New Jersey for 11 years and I love it except for the snow. Every year during the summer months I go visit my family who are still living there.

    I have an Associate’s degree in Secondary Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Spanish.

    I truly enjoy teaching. However, I also like to cook and enjoy time with my family and friends.


    Señora Francione




    La Misión Para La Clase

    Es muy importante estudiar, practicar, participar y preparar la tarea todos los días.

    It is very important to study, to practice, to participate and prepare homework every day.

    Es necesario llevar todos los materiales a la clase y llegar a tiempo.

    It is necessary to bring all the materials to class and to be on time


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