Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lynne Metz

NAME: Lynne Metz

SCHOOL: Chrchill Junior HS

CLASS: Biology 


About The Teacher

 Hi, I am Mrs. Metz and I root for the Yankees! ;)
I am a graduate of Cook College, Rutgers University ( which no longer exists
since they've renamed it). I studied Plant Science and Psychology while I was
there.  I used to manage greenhouses, garden centers and nurseries in a former
life.  I also served as the campaign manager for a woman who ran for US
Congress in 1993.  I am married with one child and I live REALLY far away. One
day, while I was weeding in 101 degree heat, I decided that I wanted to do
something that would make a difference in the world.  At first I considered
studying to become a doctor, but being no spring chicken anymore, I decided
that teaching was a better idea.  It turned out to be one of the best
decisions I ever made.  I love teaching. I have taught General Biology, Honors Biology and
Marine Biology.
Hopefully I can transmit my enthusiasm and you will love it, too.

Mission For The Class

The first step on the journey to science literacy is Biology.  Biology is
relevant to everyone's lives.  If you want to take good care of your body,
understanding nutrition, exercise and energy use are helpful.  If you, or in
the future, your children or your elderly parents go to the doctor, then
having a basic understanding of how your body works is very helpful when
discussing health issues with your physician.  If you are a good citizen and
you are consistently voting on election day, there are many environmental
issues that come up in the questions both local and state that you must decide
on. Daily decisions made at the pharmacy, the grocery store and the garden
center rely on a solid knowledge of Biology.  I would like for all of my
students to understand the importance of learning Biology, and I would also
like them to see how fascinating it really is.