• Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year at East Brunswick High School.

    *After school extra help will be given by request, in room G11*

    Anyone looking for extra help may stop by G11 in the morning.

    There are extra copies of HW assignment sheets in the AP Calculus AB HW and Calculus Honors HW links to the left.

    AP Calculus AB News:

    There will be a Quiz on 7.3 Volume using Shell Method on Friday 5/31.

    Past AP Calc AB Projects links are below

    Bad Blood Calculus


    Calc Off

    Aventigrals Limit as x Approaches Inifity War

    Bad at Calc



    Calculus Honors News:  

    There will be a Quiz on 7.1 Area between 2 curves on Wednesday 5/15.

    There will be an Assessment on 7.2 Volume using Diska and Washer Method on Thursday 5/23.

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