Mrs. Soder's Website

    Welcome to Mrs. Soder's Website

    Preferred Contact: esoder2@ebnet.org

    Click here for course websites (Maintained by students!)


    Google classroom, moodle, google sites, and/or other internet resources may be used for activities or information dissemination depending on the specific needs of each class.  If you are a student's gaurdian and would like to be added to our google classroom, please email me to request it.  Homework will be posted in class daily, and a syllabus will be provided when applicable.

    Mrs. Soder can be found before school every day in B-22 or the English Office, and after school for additional help by appointment.  Essay make-ups will be provided at the after-school English help duty and do not need to be scheduled specifically with Mrs. Soder.  Just show up at B-23 right after school and your essay should be waiting for you there. Please give Mrs. Soder a head's up so she is aware.

    Finally, regarding lateness, cell phones, and plagiarism, please consult the EBHS handbook for school policies which will be enforced in our class.