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    Soaring to New Heights in Room 8!



    Reading: Second Grade Reading Growth Spurt

    The unit progresses through three parts. The first bend launches the year and gets readers working toward the big work of reading with fluency, stamina, and comprehension. The second bend recruits students to work on tackling hard words. The final bend invites readers to use what they are learning in writing to help them think more deeply in reading. 


    Writing: Lessons for the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing

    In the first bend, children will be collecting ideas, developing a story, and elaborating. In bend two, students look more closely at and inquire into the craft of mentor authors. They look at literature as a writer and try to emulate the craft of master writers. In the final bend, they move through the writing process with even more independence and revise and edit intentionally. 


    Math: Unit 1 – Establishing Routines

    The primary focus is for students to learn the routines and tools they will use throughout the school year.  Students will work with number lines, number scrolls, number grids, and coins.  In addition, students will be finding equivalent names of numbers and combinations to make ten, identifying even and odd numbers, and comparing numbers.


    Social Studies: Unit 1 – Our Community

    In this unit, we will be learning all about communities.  We will be discussing and identifying the different types of communities (urban, rural, and suburban).  Students will be learning how people help each other and follow rules within a community.  In addition, we will be discussing how transportation and communication have changed over time.


    Science – Solids & Liquids

    In this unit, students will be exploring different solids, liquids, and small solids in various settings.  Students will be using properties to describe, identify, sort, and compare and contrast the materials.   By the end of this unit, students will be able to differentiate between solids and liquids.   


    Health: Unit 1- Character Development

    Students will learn about interacting with others, they will be able to identify character traits that are evident in behaviors exhibited by others through their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  We will be reviewing our recipe for friendship and participating in class meetings. Also, by second grade, students have gained a sense of independence and self-awareness and are ready to start solving problems on their own.  The research based Second Step program helps them acquire skills that can lead to gains in confidence and school success. The first unit focuses on skills for learning: being respectful, focusing attention, listening, using self-talk and being assertive.