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    During grades six and seven, students transition to pre-high school mathematics starting with sixth grade math. Some sixth-graders are placed in Math Prime, an advanced course.  Multiple measures determine Math placement for 6th grade students. The following criteria is considered for Math Prime eligibility:

    • Grade 5 Math NJ Student Learning Assessment (formerly known as PARCC)
    • Grade 5 Math Mid-Year Assessment
    • Grade 5 Math End-of-Year Assessment
    • Grade 5 Math Problem-Solving Average

    The typical student entering Math Prime in Grade 6 has earned a PARCC score of 810, scored 96% on the Grade 5 Math Mid-Year Assessment, scored 95% on the Grade 5 Math End-of-Year Assessment and has achieved a Grade 5 Math Problem-Solving Average of 96%.

    The study of pre-algebra then follows in seventh grade. Some students qualify for Algebra I in seventh grade, an advanced course.  Multiple measures determine Math placement for 7th grade students. The following criteria is considered for Algebra I eligibility:

    • Grade 6 Math NJ Student Learning Assessment (formerly known as PARCC)
    • The Algebra Aptitude Assessment
    • Grade 6 Math Midterm
    • Grade 6 Math Final Exam
    • Grade 6 Math Course Grade

    The typical student entering Algebra I  in Grade 7 has earned a PARCC score of 810, earned an Algebra Aptitude Assessment score of 181, scored 95% on their Math Prime or 98% on their Math 6 midterm, scored 95% on their Math Prime or 98% on their Math 6 final exam, and has achieved an overall course grade of 94% in Math Prime or 98% in Math 6.


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  • Just a reminder about our procedure for dropping items off for your child:

    Please be sure to drop items off before your child's scheduled lunch so we can announce for them to pick up their item at their lunchtime. 

    *If you are unable to get to the school before their lunch, kindly contact your child at their lunch time when cell phones are permitted, to let them know the time you'll drop the item off and they can come pick it up  between periods in the afternoon. 

    We do not call into classrooms and disrupt instruction at Hammarskjold, which is why your communication with your child is important to convey this message.

    Thanks for working with us to make Hammarskjold as disruption free to your child's learning as possible.


    Mike Gaskell, Hammarskjold Principal



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  • 6th Grade & New Student Orientation

    The incoming 6th Grade & New HMS Student Orientation will be held on August 26th.  There will be 2 sessions, AM & PM.  Parents will be informed which session their child should attend via broadcast announcement/e-mail.  Students may be dropped off or take a school bus to the orientation.  More info will be provided in your e-mail.

    Sorry parents - this is a student-only event!  You will have the opportunity to visit HMS and walk your child's schedule at our Back-To-School Night in September.

    All parents with students who are in compliance with up to date immunization info on file will receive an e-mail with your child's assigned time and transportation info.


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    School begins for students on Wednesday, September 5th.


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  • The HMS School Store

    The HMS School store will be open to students during their lunch periods from September 9 - 13.  Encourage your child to stop in and see what merchandise is available.  The store will be open for browsing only during the 6th Grade/New Student Orientation.


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  • HMS Back To School Nights

    HMS Back to School Nights will be held on Tuesday, September 10th for 6th Grade Parents, and Wednesday, September 18th for 7th Grade Parents.  Both sessions begin at 7:00 PM and run until about 9:00 PM.

    Just a reminder:  This is a PARENT ONLY event.  Thank you.



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  • HMS Picture Days

    HMS Fall Picture Days are as follows:

    7th Grade - September 16

    6th Grade - September 17

    No payment is required in advance.  All students present will be photographed. Shortly after, you will receive a proof sheet with online order instructions.  If you wish to order, you may do so online.  Instructions will be sent with the proofs.  Please be sure to ask your child for the proofs as no notice will be sent from the school.  

    Please note:  There will be a make up day for students who are absent on the date of pictures.  All students will have their picture taken.  This picture will be used for the yearbook.  There will be informal pictures taken again in the Spring.

    Please join and contact the HMS PTA if you would like to volunteer to help out at this event.



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  • 6th Grade Ice Cream Party

    The HMS PTA is hosting a 6th Grade Ice Cream Meet & Mingle Party in the HMS Cafetria on Friday, September 20 from 7:00-9:00 PM.  The PTA asks that all attending students be accompanied by a parent.  

    Permission slip will be published soon!


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