If you would like to address an issue, please contact the staff member directly involved in the issue.  If the issue still needs to be addressed after that initial contact, you may contact either the counselor or the grade level administrator to assist you.  Thank you! 
    Attendance E-Mail:                               huesattendance@ebnet.org
    Attendance Phone:                               (732) 613-6897

    Nurse E-Mail:                                       
    Mrs. Teresa Kominkiewicz                      tkominkiewicz@ebnet.org  or  
    Mrs. Tammy Rella                                 tammy.rella@ebnet.org
    Nurse Phone                                         (732) 613-6896

    Student Services E-Mail:                         
    Mrs. Liza Gudzak (Secretary)                   lgudzak@ebnet.org
    Student Services Phone:
    Includes Counselors/Registration:            (732) 613-6845

    Parent Access Assistance:                      cgregory@ebnet.org
    Secretary:  Mrs. Carolyn Gregory             (732) 613-6606
    Secretary:  Mrs. Liza Gudzak                   (732) 613-6845

    Grade Level Administrators:
    Mr. Thomas Husar:                                 (732) 613-6891 
    Secretary:  Mrs. Rosemary Chimento        rchimento@ebent.org
    Mr. Enoch Nyamekye:                             (732) 613-6606 
    Secretary:  Mrs. Carolyn Gregory             cgregory@ebnet.org
    Mr. Russell Petronko:                               (732) 613-6892
    Secretary:  Mrs. Carolyn Caroselli             carolyn.caroselli@ebnet.org