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    Basic Skills Instruction

    The Basic Skills Program provides students with academic support in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics.  Students are placed in the program based on their standardized test results, report card grades, academic performance, and teachers’ referrals. Placement in the program does not necessarily imply general poor performance in academic areas, but may indicate a potential difficulty in some aspect of the basic skills.

    Reading below grade level and having difficulty completing math tasks are often indicators of the need for basic skills support. Together with data collected from assessments, a plan is developed to provide support and re-teaching in order to help students master grade level skills and, in some cases, test-taking skills.

    The reading and math specialists work closely with other staff members and parents in planning each year’s program. They also conduct assessments of each child’s progress and keep parents informed through conferences and reports. If a child participates in the Basic Skills program, the math and reading specialists work with the classroom teacher to provide support both in class and at times, out of class. As students progress towards independently meeting the classroom learning objectives, specialists provide less support while still monitoring students’ progress.

    Questions about the Basic Skills program should be directed to the reading or math specialist at the elementary schools, or to your child’s guidance counselor at the secondary schools.