Here you will find information about our class plus any additonal activities to help your child at home.
    Contact Information 
    School telephone:(732) 613-6870
    Email: sarah.powers@ebnet.org

    Please send a healthy snack to school eveyday, including half days. 

    Please send a change of clothes for your child to be kept in  school.  Please send in another set if your child wears his/her "school set" home.  If your child is wearing pull-ups or diapers, please send in a small supply.   Thank you.

    Weather permitting, we will go outside  to play on the playground. It is a good idea for your child to have an extra sweater or sweatshirt in school for those chilly days.  You may send in something for your child to keep at school or send in backpack everyday.  Please be sure that your child's last name in written on all outer clothing.  Thank you.

    We will always accept classroom donations of  tissues (Kleenex type).