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    GROW AS WE GO!  

    Welcome to Robert Frost Elementary School, a Nationally recognized Blue-Ribbon School!  I am privileged to be the leader of a community of parents, students and teachers who are continually collaborating and reflecting on best practices to meet the individual needs of every learner in grades Pre-K through 5!

     Our 2021-2022 School Theme, “Grow as We Go,” will focus on coming back together and GROWING as a school community.  We will reinforce expected behaviors while teaching our students about achieving a Growth Mindset in academics and especially in Social-Emotional learning.  We will raise awareness of various social issues through age-appropriate monthly read-alouds presented by me.  Our “weekly winners” will be nominated by their teachers for doing their best to exhibit the expected behaviors of Frost School while re-adjusting to full days and in-person learning.  Weekly winners will be announced on the Friday Broadcast. They will be invited to have lunch with me that afternoon!  They will have their picture taken and it will be highlighted on the Frost School and/or District Websites. All the weekly winners will be put into a monthly drawing.  At the end of the month, one lucky student and one lucky teacher will be chosen from the weekly winners that month and will receive a prize!

    This year, my goal is to give students more voice in our school.  This will allow students the opportunity to sit in on school-wide meetings, participate in Student Council Town Halls with me and contribute to the “Ask Mrs. Payette” box outside of my office.

    Frost School offers unique opportunities for learning. Teachers can extend the students’ academic experiences by conducting their lessons in our courtyard.  It not only gives the students an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature; but it also teaches them about the importance of preserving and protecting our environment for future generations.  This year, I believe our beautiful courtyard is certain to be used more than ever!

    The PTA at Frost is integral to our success.  The activities that are sponsored by the PTA have resulted in our ability to improve the overall experience our students have each day, both inside and outside of the classroom.  They also offer teacher grants to support innovative ideas and bring wonderful cultural arts presentations into the school that once again, serve to extend learning beyond the doors of the classroom. They are continuously looking for ways to enhance instruction for our teachers and students. We are hopeful that assemblies and large gatherings will be permitted this year.  Please support our PTA, by becoming a member and a volunteer!  They are the heart and soul of our school and everything they do is for your children!

    Frost School is made up of dedicated staff members who treat each child as their own.  Many of them serve as advisors to our extra-curricular clubs. In the upcoming school year, students may choose from activities such as Student Council, Gardening, Chorus, Safety Patrol, Video Newsmakers, Coding and Art Enrichment Clubs.

    Frost School is a “Community that will Grow as We Go,” staff and students alike.  We have faced a challenging year and a half, but we have always persevered in whatever we do.  This year especially, we will be facing many new challenges as we become reaccustomed to how things used to be.  Together, we will, once again, overcome all obstacles!  

    Welcome back!


    Loretta Payette, Frost Principal