• Community Outreach

     Rules for Communications within the District:

    All flyers, posters and announcements must be approved by the Office of Community Outreach and Academic Support before distribution and posting at schools. Submit to commrel@ebnet.org. All approved communications must be submitted for posting at least by Tuesday the week before the event. If you want to have your event advertised on EBTV or in the local papers please submit the flyer and caption at least two weeks prior to the event. 

    Click on the appropriate link below, fill out form and click submit:
    To submit student and staff accomplishments and awards to be posted on the website and on district calendar send an email to commrel@ebnet.org with all the details.
    To submit informational items (FYIs) for district wide distribution:
    Birth Notice
    Announcements are sent for birth of employees' children and/or grandchildren only
    Loss of Loved One Notice
    Announcements are sent for death of current employees and employees' immediate family (Spouse, Parent, Sibling or Child) only
     Awards and Accomplishments
    For student and staff recognition by the Board of Education with a Commendation and to be included on the Awards and Accomplishment page.
    To submit announcements for press release:
    (Please make every effort to submit at least 2 weeks prior to the event)
    In School Events
    School, classroom, department, and organization activities to be
    shared with the community
    Community Bulletin Board Announcements
    Fundraising events for those parent organizations that support our schools