• Please Note That Registrations Are by Appointment Only at the Adminstration Building.

    Jon R. Kopko Administration Building
     760 Route 18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
    PHOTO I.D. is required for entry.  Parents should enter the building on the Jersey Strong side of the building.
      Please let security know that you are in the building to see Sonu Patti or Adrienne Berg.

    Questions? Please email HERE


    In order to register a child for school in East Brunswick:

    1. Parent/legal guardian must be present at the time of registration.  Students are NOT required to be present for registration.

    2. Student and parent/legal guardian must reside in East Brunswick at the time of registration.

    3. Provide the following documentation to prove residence:

    • Deed or current mortgage statement (homeowners) OR entire current lease (renters).
    • At least two different utility bills, currently dated, which include parent/guardian's name and reflect East Brunswick address.  (i.e. gas, electric, cable, water/sewer, etc.)  Printed confirmations of utility service or printed online statements are acceptable at the time of registration.  Follow up with current utility bills must take place within 30 days of registration.

     Please Note:

    • Registrants who do not own or lease their home, but are domiciled with a valid East Brunswick resident must complete a residency form with the Assistant Superintendent's Office (732-613-6750) prior to reserving a registration appointment.
    • To qualify for attendance on an affidavit basis, parent and district resident must complete an affidavit and submit to the Assistant Superintendent's Office (732-613-6750).                            
      • The student must be living with the district resident for reasons other than obtaining a free education in the East Brunswick Public Schools.
      • The parent must complete an affidavit attesting that the parent is unable to care for the child due to a family or economic hardship. 

    4. Student's original birth certificate or other proof of identity must be provided.

    5. Student's current immunization records must be provided.

    6. If transferring from another school district in NJ:  transfer card from the former school must be presented at the time of registration.

    7. Students transferring to East Brunswick Public Schools from any district should also provide:

    • Final report cards for two previous years for students entering grades 1-8
    • For students entering grades 9-12 a copy of unofficial transcript MUST be presented at the time of registration
    • All standardized test scores

    8. A copy of current IEP/504 if applicable.

    9. Please note that for any custody issues, legal documentation must be provided.




    Step 1: 

    A. Print enrollment packet by clicking the blue links below.  Print one packet for each child you are registering.  This packet must be filled out prior to your registration appointment and brought with you.

    B. Compile other required documents.

    • Deed/Mortgage/Lease
    • Two additional proofs of address (utility bills)
    • Student's original birth certificate
    • Current immunization record
    • School transfer card (if currently attending school in NJ)
    • Report cards for two previous school years
    • School transcripts
    • Standardized test scores
    • Any documents regarding custody if applicable

    You must bring all required documents and completed enrollment packet to your scheduled registration appointment.  


    Step 2:  

     Click HERE to enter your preliminary information.


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    Have you completed steps 1 and 2 listed above?  If so, continue to step 3.


    Step 3:

    Notes for reserving your block of time:

    • If you are registering more than one child, please reserve 2 time slots
    • Due to time sensitivity, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule your registration appointment.
    • If you are having problems reserving your time, please call 732-613-6980.


    Instructions for reserving your time.

    1. Select the date you would like to reserve. You can enter a specific date in the date field at the top, or you can click on next week to move forward one week at a time.
    2. Reservations are ½ hour long.
    3. Only dates and times that are available can be chosen.  If a date or time cannot be clicked, it means there are no openings at that date/time.
    4. Enter your information in all fields.
    5. You can change the month by clicking clicking to the left or right of the current month in the title bar.

    Reserve your registration appointment by clicking here.*

    *When opening the registration link, please do not use Internet Explorer as your web browser, Internet Explorer does not work optimally with Genesis. Please use another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

    Make sure to bring all completed forms and required documents with you to your registration appointment.  If you are unable to print the enrollment packet, please make note of this when making your appointment.  In this case, you should plan on arriving 20 minutes early to allow adequate time for filling out forms.

    **Please keep in mind that in the event of delayed opening, early closing or school cancellation due to inclement weather, the administration building will also be closed.  Appointments booked during these times must be rescheduled.**


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