• 7th Grade ILA

    Ms. Sharkey


    Distance learning announcements:


    Three ways to access your ILA assignments:

    1. Distance Learning Assignments page of my teacher web page

    2. My emails which are sent to parents/guardians and students each A Day (Starting Monday 3/16)

    3. Google Classroom


    Two options to complete your ILA assignments:

    On paper (keep all assignments organized at home and turn in upon return to school)


    On Google Classroom

    simply email me or complete this brief questionnaire to indicate how you plan to complete your work!

    (you only need to email/complete the questionnaire once. If your method of submitting work changes, please email me of this change.)


    How to contact Ms. Sharkey:

    email: rhyan.sharkey@ebnet.org



    If you do not have a book to read at home, please contact me so I can help you find a great text!

    You can also visit the "Texts to Read" page of my teacher site for short stories and access to digital books. 


    Let's make this school year great! Be prepared, respectful, enthusiastic, and ready to learn.