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    Mrs. Karakoglou's Art Class

                                                                                               “To create one’s own world takes courage.” Georgia O’Keeffe 


          I am so excited to have the opportunity to be part of your child/ children's creative experiences and artistic growth. Throughout the year, students will learn about historical and contemporary artists and develop techniques while exploring and experimenting with various media, all by assuming the role of artist. I will encourage them to talk intelligently about art, review art vocabulary words and teach them how to use the elements and principles of art and design in order to create their own works of art. Students will learn strategies on how to deal with difficulties as well as to trust themselves and their own judgment while simultaneously becoming autonomous learners. They will learn how to talk about their work with others and to write about their work in artist statements that accompany their artwork.

         We will also practice photographing, editing, and uploading original work of art onto a digital portfolio (Artsonia). Artsonia is the World's Largest Student Art Museum. Yet it's so much more than that! It's a free, safe, educational program designed to connect parents and families with their child's creative activities at school. ... Central School arts program receives 20% of your purchase towards art materials and other supplies.

         In anticipation of an art exhibition at the Public Library or a Virtual art show in the spring, I will be keeping much of your student's art work at school to be displayed. I will be sending all artwork home at the end of every school year for your enjoyment!

         If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact me at akarakoglou@ebnet.org 

    Thank you for all your effort and support! It is truely my pleasure to be part of your child's learning!

    Best regards,


    Mrs. Angie Karakoglou (Mrs. K)

    Art Education /Central Elementary School

    East Brunswick Public Schools