• Welcome to 8th Grade English with Ms. Cascioli!


    Parents and students, please see the "Homework" tab for any upcoming assignments.  If you have any questions or would like to see any of the class notes/assignments, please visit our Google Classroom site or email me at diane.cascioli@ebnet.org.  Please email me if you do not currently have access to our Google Classroom page and would like to be added.  I look forward to an excellent school year!


    Teacher Schedule

    Period 1: Academic English 8 (Room 302)

    Period 3: Academic English 8 (Room 302)

    Period 7/8: Honors English 8 (Room 302)

    Period 9/10: Academic English 8 (Room 302)

    Period 12: Academic English 8 (Room 302) 

    *If you would like to meet to make up any missed work or conference about a writing assignment, please email or talk to me about planning a time before/after school or during one of my available periods in the day.