• Elementary Report Cards 
    The elementary report card is a standards based report card designed to communicate how a child is progressing towards the mastery of grade level skills. 

    • A standards based report card includes the most important skills students need to learn at each grade level in each subject area.
    • Two main reporting scales are used on this report card.
    • For behaviors, work habits and effort, the following reporting scale is used to note how frequently the student demonstrates expected behaviors.

                         CD – consistently demonstrates

                         UD – usually demonstrates

                         ID – inconsistently demonstrates

                         RD – rarely demonstrates

    • For progress towards mastery of content focused standards based skills, the following reporting scale is used to note the student’s progress during the marking period.

                         EG – exceeding grade level standards

                         MG – meeting grade level standards

                         AG – approaching grade level standards

                         BG - below grade level standards

    • Many parents ask what their children need to do to score an EG – exceeding grade level standards. The criteria for scores of EG are similar across all grade levels and subject areas. In general, a child needs to be able to complete assignments and assessments correctly and independently, and demonstrate a deeper understanding of the content than expected at the grade level.
    • Report cards were revised during the summer of 2016 to reflect the language of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

     This article will help you learn more about standards based report cards and how they help parents get more information about their child’s achievement.