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    2017-2018 EBHS Dual-Enrollment Courses and Equivilant MCC Fall Semester/Full Year Courses 

    EBHS Dual-Enrollment Courses MCC Fall Semester Course/Full Year Courses
    1411-Accounting 101 H ACC-101 Financial Accounting
    1292-A.P. History of Art ART-123 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance
    1143-Anatomy and Physiology H BIO-111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    1112-AP Biology BIO-123 General Biology I
    1121-Chemistry H* CHM-121/125 General Chemistry I with Lab*
    1455-AP Computer Science Principles CSC-105 Computer Applications & Systems
    1454-AP Computer Science CSC-161 Computer Science using Java
    1009-College Writing H ENG-121 English Composition I
    1206-French V H         FRE-121 Elementary French I
    1207-French VI         FRE-221 Intermediate French I
    1209-AP French FRE-221 Intermediate French I
    1214-German V  H  GER-121 Elementary German  I
    1223-German VI H GER-221 Intermediate German I
    1215-AP German GER-221 Intermediate German I
    1064-Genocide in the Modern World HIS-260  Dimensions of Prejudice, Genocide and the Holocaust  
    1220-Italian V H ITA-121 Elementary Italian I
    1222-AP Italian ITA-221 Intermediate Italian I
    1180-Statistics H MAT-123 Statistics  I
    1168-Calculus H MAT-131 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
    1183-Calculus II H MAT-132 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
    1182-Calculus III H MAT-233 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III
    1503-AP Music Theory MUS-201 Music Notation and Composition I
    1134-Physics H* PHY-123/125 General Physics I with Lab*
    1054-Institute for Political and Legal Education H POS-220 United States National Government
    1061-Psychology II H PSY-123  Introductory Psychology
    1079-Sociology II H SOC-121 Introduction to Sociology
    1238-Spanish V H SPA-121 Elementary Spanish I
    1240-Spanish VI H SPA-221 Intermediate Spanish I
    1242-AP Spanish Language SPA-221 Intermediate Spanish I
    1025-Public Speaking (S1) SPE-121 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

    *Students interested in registering for Chemistry I or Physics I must complete the online registration twice - once for the lecture course, and once for the lab course.  Together, these two courses equal a 4 credit course for $200. Staple one check to both printed and signed registration forms.