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    This page is dedicated to our incoming 6th Grade.  Stay tuned!  We are starting to post our 2019-20 info now.  Please check back often as the page changes often as we post the info.  In the meantime, please feel free to browse all of our pages, especially those geared to our incoming 6th grade class! 

    Welcome New 6th Grade Students and Parents

    Welcome to Hammarskjold Middle School. We are happy that you will be attending our school in the fall.   We are sure that you are anxious, nervous and excited about coming from your elementary school to middle school.  Don’t worry!  Most of the students and parents who are new to our school feel the same way you do.  Rest assured, we will do our best to help you through this transition and to help you gain the independence and confidence that will help you through your time at Hammarskjold and throughout your life.

     There are several opportunities for students and parents to see our school during the school year.  Many of our 5th grade students who are involved in District Wide Chorus, Band and Orchestra have been to our amazing JMPAC Auditorium for rehearsals and performances.

    Parents are invited to an informational meeting (usually held in February or March) where faculty and administrators give presentations about the school and give parents a glance into a typical day at Hammarskjold Middle School.

    In the spring, 5th Grade students have a field trip to Hammarskjold to familiarize themselves with the school.  They meet our Student Service Counselors, the administrators, some of our staff and have an informal “Meet and Greet” with some of our current 6th grade students.  They get a tour of the school, a look at lockers and get a pretty good idea of what to expect at Hammarskjold.  They even have the opportunity to buy lunch!

    During the summer, we hold an official orientation for the students.  Students can take a bus to and from the school, will get to see their schedules and try out their lockers.  Sorry parents, this is a “student-only” event, but you will have your chance to walk their schedule and meet their teachers at Back to School Night, usually held an evening in September.

     Please explore our website, whether you are a parent or student.  Come back often as there is always something new to see.  There are several links on the left side of this page that will assist you.  Make sure you check out our "Welcome to Hammarskjold " video!  The link is on the left of this page.

    Please remember that you will now have a counselor – something you may not have had at an elementary school.  They are a wonderful resource for parents and students.  You can visit their pages by clicking on the Student Services icon on the ribbon at the top of this section.

     Enjoy your visit to our site!  We look forward to meeting you!

    Click here for the Sixth Grade orientation presentation