• Educating the whole child through student clubs and athletic programs continues to be important to us. In order for us to maintain our valuable and enriching co-curricular activities, while at the same time maintaining a balanced budget, students will be charged a non-refundable fee for participation in extra curricular activities.

    The non-refundable fee for joining each club will be $15 and $50 for the Marching Band. There is no fee for non-sponsored clubs* or co-curricular clubs**. In addition any costs associated with the club will be paid for directly by students or through fundraising.


    Parent Guidelines for Clubs and Activities                                                                                                 Grades           Registration Opens

    Band 8th Grade**

    Advisor: T. Louis-Jacques

    Extends classroom activities and learning experiences. Students attend rehearsals and prepare for winter and spring concerts. 8th 10/30/2020

    Band 9th Grade**

    Advisor: M. Perez

    Extends classroom activities and learning experiences. Students attend rehearsals and prepare for winter and spring concerts. 9th 10/15/2020


    Advisor: J. De Siena

    Extends classroom activity. 8th & 9th 10/17/2020

    Chorus Ensemble

    Advisor: J. De Siena

    Provides opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge achieved in music classes by performing in choral groups, presenting concerts for communty events, PTA programs, etc.

    Chorus Ensemble Video

    8th & 9th 10/13/2020


    Churchill Study Help (Peer Connections)

    Advisor: TBD


    Assists students in problem subject areas under the direction of school personnel.

     8th & 9th  

    Drama Club

    Advisor: L. Elson

                  D. Mannuzza

    Extends classroom lessons and activities by providing opportunities for students to organize the technical aspects of play productions and perform.

    Drama Club Video

    To Learn How to Sign Up Click Here.

    8th & 9th


    Girls Who Code

    Advisor: M. Krause

                  R. Cobb

    The mission of the Girls Who Code club is to close the gender gap in technology. Club members will learn computer science concepts by working in teams to create a CS Impact Project. The project will be designed to solve a real world problem through coding. Students will learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions which are the basis of all programming.

    Girls Who Code Video

    8th & 9th 10/17/2020

    We the People (IPLE)

    Advisor: P. Woerner

    Provides 8th grade students experience as a feeder program for High School IPLE.

    We the People (IPLE) Video



    Jazz Ensemble

    Advisor: M. Perez

                  T. Louis-Jacques

    Provides an opportunity for students to practice skills learned in music classes as they perform jazz music. Students audition and may participate in several student performances.

    Jazz Ensemble Video

    8th & 9th 10/24/2020

    Marching Band

    Advisor: B. Toth

    The award winning East Brunswick High School Marching Band is a competitive unit open to all 8th-12th grade musicians enrolled in the school music program, as well as any student wishing to participate in the Colorguard.  All members participate in a 2-week camp in late August, bi-weekly rehearsals in the fall, all football games, and competitive shows throughout the fall.  Marching Band is considered a varsity activity and sign-ups occur in May/June each year.  Please e-mail Mr. Toth at btoth2@ebnet.org or visit his TeacherWeb for further information.


    Math Team

    Advisor: A. DeLuca

    Develops increased understanding and interest in mathematics and allows students to offer tutoring; provides competitive events for students in math.

    Math Team Video

    8th & 9th


    Model Congress

    Advisor: M. Smith

    Provides 9th grade students with opportunities to expand their knowledge of legislative procedures and the leadership role of congressional committees.

    Model Congress Video




    Advisor: A. Braun

                   S. Franchino

    Extends and enhances classroom activities and learning experiences. Students attend rehearsals and prepare for winter and spring concerts. 8th & 9th 10/17/2020


    CJHS School Literary Magazine

    Advisor: L. LeClair

    Palette is a creative collaboration, blending together the talent, imagination and personality of the artists. Palette hosts open mic nights as a fundraiser for the magazine. Palette is produced completely by the students for the students. All are invited. Visit our website:

    Palette Video

    8th & 9th 10/17/2020

    Science Olympiad

    Advisor: W. Jasko

                   R. Cobb

    Extends knowledge learned in science and prepares the students for hand-on experiences and knowledge-based activities to be used in a statewide competition.

    Science Olympiad Video

    8th & 9th 10/29/2020

    Bio League (Science League)

    Advisor: M. Gorman

    Develops increased understanding and interest in science and provides competitive events for students.

    Science League video

    9th 11/23/2020

    Student Council

    Advisor: T. Hannon

                   M. Krause

    Plans and implements school service projects that benefit the community. Coordinates school activities, student government, promotes school spirit. Students have the opportunity to work together with each other, teachers, and administration to help enhance the overall climate of our school communtiy.

    CJHS Student Council Information Video

    8th & 9th



    Advisor: C. Smutko

                   D. Casioli

    Provides students with an opportunity to use skills learned in art and English classes in order to produce a school yearbook.

    Yearbook Video

    8th & 9th 10/24/2020