• Welcome to our Virtual Counseling Office!

    East Brunswick Public School’s Counseling Department is excited to announce its new virtual offices! These interactive sites provide easy access to important information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the pictures in each “office” for links to scheduling information, parent and student resources, college board info, and more! You will also find virtual field trips, meditation pages, and guides for mental health awareness. In addition, if your child needs to schedule an appointment with his or her counselor, that can be done right on the site. You can find  Churchill’s Counseling Main Office below. You can find the links for each Counselor and Student Assistant Specialist’s Virtual Office by clicking on his or her name on the whiteboard. Take some time and explore these fun and informative offices. As always, please contact your child’s counselor or Student Assistant Specialist with any concerns! You can contact us directly at 732-613-6795.

  • About Us

    The Counseling Department at Churchill Jr. High School is designed to support and promote the academic and social/emotional development of all students. The dedicated and compassionate counselors strive to help students achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and realize their full academic potential. Individual counseling and support groups are provided throughout the year.

    Appointments are available for remote and hybrid learners, and are scheduled in the students’ Outlook calendars. Make sure the app is downloaded, and notifications are turned on. Students can join the virtual meeting by clicking the Microsoft Teams icon in the Outlook Calendar. If immediate assistance is needed, the counselors can be found in Suite 1105 during school hours.

    If a student would like to schedule an appointment, he/she should fill out this form: Counseling Appointment Request

  • Directory

    Jessica Crawford

    8th Grade (A-Hala)

    732-613-6797 Jessica.Crawford@ebnet.org

    Elizabeth Stankiewicz       

    8th Grade (Hall-Pak)

    732-613-6798 EStankiewicz@ebnet.org

    Steven Pecesky

    8th Grade (Pan-Z)

    732-613-6799 SPecesky@ebnet.org

    Christine Isola-Accardi/Nydiadra Rivers

    9th Grade (A-Hag)



    Marissa Valeriano

    9th Grade (Hal-Per)       



    Phillip Ruperto

    9th Grade (Pet-Z)

    732-613-6794 PRuperto@ebnet.org

    Jennifer Cunningham

    9th Grade SAS

    732-353-0920 Jennifer.Cunningham@ebnet.org

    Melissa Barna

    8th Grade SAS

    732-353-0932 MBarna@ebnet.org