• Latest News for Seniors


    Senior Prom Letter will explain the Senior Week activities and the expectations we have for our students during Senior Week.  Please read the attached letter and I encourage you to share this information with your senior.

    Senior Send-Off will take place on Tuesday, June 6 from Noon until 5:00 pm.  Look for the posters around school for further information.

    Yearbooks can still be ordered at a price of $99.00 please go to How to Buy a Yearbook and use order number 5302.  After today, the price will go up to $105.  Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors at the Senior Send-Off on June 6.

    Graduation Lawn Sign – if you are looking for a new way to celebrate your child’s graduation, consider the PTSA’s fundraiser of purchasing a lawn sign for $20 or $25 personalized.  Attached is the order form.

    Graduation List – will be posted for your child to review the information carefully.  The information posted will include how their name will be spelled on the diploma and any recognitions (High Honor, National Honor Society, 4.0 and above GPA).  Please have your senior come to the Main Office by Friday, April 7 to notify us of any changes.

    Prom Bids – once the Senior Variety Show takes place, a determination can be made on the cost of the tickets and prom bids will take place during the middle of May. Students must have satisfied their outstanding fines prior to purchasing prom bids.

    EBHS Graduation Videos-East Brunswick High School Class of 2017 Commencement DVDs and Blu-Rays

    Preorder your DVD copy of the 2017 EBHS Commencement Video for just $25 each, $30 Blu-Ray, including shipping & handling.
    Orders after July 1st are $30 each DVD, $35 per Blu-Ray. http://www.ebpl.org/ebtv/graduation_videos.cfm 
    For every copy ordered, $2 benefits the East Brunswick Education Foundation.