• The Senior year is an exciting time as our students anticipate the many activities and traditions that are a part of our school experience. One of those traditions is the Senior Prom. In years past there was a misconception about school attendance on the days that follow the Prom. We want to remind all parents and students that it is our expectation that students attend school EVERY DAY that school is in session. 

    CLASS OF 2019 LAWN SIGNS: Make sure to purchase a personalized PTSA graduation lawn sign. See the attached form for more information.


    SENIOR SEND-OFF: Our PTSA will again be hosting a Senior Send-Off activity on 6/4 for the Class of 2019. Please see the attached form for more information. 


    SENIOR AWARDS: Each year over 100 scholarships/awards are presented to seniors at our annual Senior Awards Night in June. Every senior should fill out a Senior Questionnaire to be eligible for many of these awards. In addition, some of the awards require seniors to complete individual applications. The Senior Questionnaire and the first award applications are now available online at www.ebnet.org/seniors

    As in the past, student attendance following the prom will be addressed with the following procedure: 

    Students absent from school the week after the Prom will be subject to the following additional consequences unless official documentation (doctor's note - not by a family  member, appointment for driver's exam, college orientation/placement,etc.) is submitted: 

    12th grade students will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Their diploma  will be released to them on June 26.

    10th and 11th grade students will  not be given  parking  privileges for the first  semester of their Senior



    Please consult the Parent/Student Handbook regarding attendance limits in order for students to be given credit for their course work. As always, should you have any questions regarding attendance, contact the appropriate Grade Level Administrator's Office.