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    Mr. Anthony J. Gugliotta, Jr., Supervisor
    Dottie Clark, Secretary

    Manjit Sran, Department Chairperson, Grades 8-12

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    All children in East Brunswick Public Schools participate in a rigorous standards based mathematics program. Mathematics instruction at all grade levels includes a balanced approach, with conceptual understanding intertwined with fact fluency and problem solving skills. All curriculum is aligned with the Standards for Curriculum and Evaluation developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards, which were adopted by NJ in 2010, and will be reflected in all curriculum by September, 2013. 

     A hands-on activities-based curriculum is used in all the elementary schools, along with manipulative materials that help children develop strong conceptual knowledge and provide them with concrete illustrations of the skills they are learning. Students at the elementary have fact fluency benchmarks established by quarter. The curriculum includes many problem solving experiences.

     During grades six and seven, the mathematics program begins the transition to pre-high school mathematics. The study of pre-algebra occurs in seventh grade. Most students move to Algebra I in eighth grade. Some students qualify for Algebra I in seventh grade through the Gifted and Talented program.

     At all grade levels, students who fall below district and state standards receive support through the basic skills improvement program, which is designed to help them become better prepared for success in mathematics. Students who do not master grade level skills at grade seven participate in a Bridge to Algebra program at grade eight, prior to beginning their study of algebra at grade nine.
    In grades nine through twelve, there is a broad range of courses. As required for graduation by the State of New Jersey, all students complete Algebra and Geometry and a third year of mathematics. Most students at East Brunswick High School choose to take Algebra II as their third year of mathematics. Over 96% of all seniors take a fourth year of mathematics as an elective. Sixty-five percent of seniors complete college level mathematics. For extremely well qualified students, there are opportunities at the high school level to take more than one math course in the same year (Geometry and Algebra II, or Calculus and Statistics), allowing interested students to complete five or six years of mathematics, up through Calculus III. Also available are AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and Calculus I, II and III, as well as Statistics, which are offered in conjunction with Middlesex County College.


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