East Brunswick High School

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

                                        Achieving Excellence with Honor and Integrity


Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Day 0


Final Exams


Today's final exams will be Periods 1 and 12. Tomorrow will be a single session day.


General Information


Hall lockers must be cleaned out before the end of school. Trash cans will be placed in the hallways for any unwanted items.  In addition, PE and Varsity lockers must be cleaned out by tomorrow.


First Semester Sculpture Students- If your work was kept for display, please come and get it from Room F-11. Anything left will be discarded after Wednesday, June 21st.





Attention Seniors: The Agenda for Wednesday, June 21st is as follows:


Makeup Exams for Seniors will take place in the Media Center


Graduation practice and the distribution of Seating Cards will take place in the Cafeteria and Auditorium.  Please wait for an announcement from Dr. Vinella as to when to proceed down.


There will be a list of Outstanding Fines in the Cafeteria.   You will be able to pay your ID/Book fines there, all other fines must be paid online.


Anyone with outstanding fines will not receive their diploma on Graduation Day. Diplomas will be available for pick up starting on Monday, June 26th, once all fines have been satisfied.


Humanities Presentations will take place in the Auditorium tomorrow.



Juniors and Sophomores


Wednesday, June 21st schedule will be a single session, Day 0.


On Wednesday, June 21st, outstanding fines can be paid during your Physical Education class in the Dance Room.  Anyone with outstanding fines will not have access to their final grades or schedule for the new year until fines are satisfied.


No students will be allowed to leave the class unless there is an emergency situation, and when leaving class, it should be with a pass and ID.





Practice for Graduation will take place after school ends.