Wednesday, June 19 Day 0

    General Information

    Make up exams for Seniors will take place today in the Media Center. Make up exams for Juniors and Sophomores will take place tomorrow in the Media Center.

    A reminder to all students who have medication in the Nurses' Office. Please pick up your medication with written permission from your parent today. All medication left will be discarded.

    Hall lockers must be cleaned out before the end of the school year. Trash cans will be placed in the hallways for any unwanted items. In addition, PE and Varsity lockers must be cleaned out today.

    If you ordered a yearbook and have not yet picked it up, please come to the Main Office to get it. Yearbooks are still available for purchase in the Main Office for a price of $120.


    The Humanities Film Festival will be held today in the Auditorium starting Period 2. This is for Humanities students only.

    Graduation Practice and distribution of Seating Cards will take place in the Cafeteria today after the Humanities Film Festival. In order to receive your Graduation Seating Card you must hand in your School ID. Please wait for an announcement from Dr. Vinella as to when to proceed down.

    Seniors: If you need to pick up a Senior Award check, please stop in the Main Office this week.

    If you have not picked up your Graduation Gown, please go to Room I-7 and pick it up as soon as possible.

    If you ordered a Graduation Lawn Sign, please come to the Main Office at the end of the day to pick it up.


    All fines must be paid in full by the end of the school year/graduation in order to receive diplomas, report cards, or transcripts. Seniors, please pay your fines as soon as possible in the Main Office. Juniors and Sophomores may also pay in the Main Office or in their PE class.

    AP Courses

    If you are taking AP Courses next year, please pick up your Summer Assignment in the following rooms:

    AP Biology - Room I-10

    AP Statistics -  Room G-15

    AP Environmental Science - Room K-5

    Students taking an AP Language course next year: Please see an AP World Language Teacher for the link to the AP Summer Assignment before the end of the school year.