• Welcome to 8th Grade Science!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please head to Canvas for up to date information about this class.  

      Materials Required for Science:

    ● computer     

    ● charger  


    • Be respectful.
    • Come to class (in room 102 or virturally) prepared with all materials.
    • Be on time and in your seat by the bell working on the Do Now.
    • NO gum, candy, food, or drink in the classroom.
    • Turn in work on time. Late work will be penalized.
    • Treat computers and other technology with respect and only use when directed.
    • Be alert and follow all safety rules during lab activities.


    Absences and Missed Work:

        ● If you miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what work you missed.

        ● ALL work missed due to absence must be made up.

        ● Extra help is available all you need to do is ask. 

        ● Work that is late for any reason other than an excused absence may be handed in late and will be penalized -20% per day late. Exception: If an assignment is reviewed in class or returned, you will not receive credit for that assignment.


    Grading Policy:

    • All work is graded on a point system and weighted as follows:
    • 5% - Participation

      55% - Labs and Classwork

      40% - Assessments


     Are you studying for a test?  
    Try making questions and then answering them.  These words will help you make higher level questions... 

    Assess, Construct, Compare, Investigate, Cite Evidence, Formulate, Critique, Revise, Draw a conclusion, Explain using (topic) concepts, Develop an argument, Design, Connect, Apply a concept, Analyze, Prove