• Joyce Forsberg - Transportation Manager
    Lori Howell - Transportation Coordinator
    Matthew Anthony, Dispatcher
    Eileen Garlatti- Secretary
    Doreen Scardaville - Secretary

    Support Operations Building
    18 Edgeboro Rd.
    Tel: (732) 613-6740
    Fax: (732) 734-8480


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    The Transportation Department is responsible for all student transportation requirements in support of the school district. Each day the department transports over 7,200 students from home to school and back each afternoon. The department is uncompromising in its mission to safely transport students whenever they are moved from location to location for educational purposes, to and from class trips, interscholastic events, athletic events, and extra curricular activities.    Also, the department supports a “late bus” program at the EBHS, CJHS and HMS. 

    Students are expected to report to their assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes before the time specified on the “bus pass”. Students changing bus stops or reporting to a stop other then the one assigned is not permissible. Students should obey all safety and traffic laws while en-route to and from the bus stop and are asked to be respectful of their neighbors while waiting for or departing from the bus.

    On their return home students in Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and First grade will not be allowed to disembark from the bus without a parent/guardian or authorized individual there to meet them. Students who are not met will be returned to their school. In cases where students are returned to school the Transportation Department will not transport students home and parents will have to make their own arrangements to pick up their child.

    Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times. It is especially important that students observe safety rules when riding the school bus. Our bus drivers are responsible for supervising the behavior on the bus. If a child’s behavior is distracting to the bus driver or is potentially harmful to another child, verbal warnings followed by written bus conduct reports will be issued. Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege that may be denied if behavior is inappropriate. Three conduct reports may result in a suspension of bus privileges. All district buses are equipped with seatbelts, which must be worn by all students. 

    Students should be advised of the following safety rules: 

    • Be at the designated bus stop ten minutes prior to bus arrival.
    • Never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
    • Behave in a safe and courteous manner while waiting.
    • Do not move toward the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop.
    • Be considerate of surrounding property while waiting for the bus.
    • Go to the assigned seat and remain there until the bus reaches the stop.
    • Keep arms and other parts of the body inside the bus at all times.
    • In an emergency, remain seated until instructions are given by your driver.
    • When crossing a roadway at the discharge point, go to a point at least ten feet in front of the bus and wait for a signal from the bus driver.
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
    • Use of seat belt is mandatory.

    If your child has been assigned to a bus, you will receive a bus pass before the start of school notifying you as to when and where your child will be picked up. Students are not permitted to ride on any bus other than the one to which they have been assigned.

    Alternate Transportation Program

    The East Brunswick Board of Education offers a limited Alternate Transportation Program for specific eligible students. To ensure the safety and security of your child, a formal procedure has been put into place for parents/guardians to make alternate transportation arrangements to enable your child to receive childcare before and/or after school or appropriate residence transportation.

    Requests for alternate transportation to and/or from school will be considered ONLY when:

    • There are extenuating circumstances upon which your request is based (for students K-5th grade) or there is a court order which stipulates “joint custody” or “dual residence”.
    • The student is eligible for transportation based on residence.
    • The alternate location is within the boundaries of the school of attendance and there is room on the bus that travels the route to the alternate location.
    • Keeping in mind the safety and security of students, requests for alternate transportation to and from the designated location will only be considered if the request applies to each and every school day throughout the school year. (Dual Residence applicants must submit a calendar based on the court ordered arrangement.)

    Parents/guardians must file an Alternate Transportation Request Form by July 1st for the regular school year beginning the following September. Once approved, the parent/guardian will be notified and the alternate arrangement will go into effect five (5) school days following that approval.

    Parents/guardians must file the Alternate Transportation Request Form for Summer Programs before June 15th for a program starting July 1st. Any request for alternate transportation submitted after June 15th will not have alternate transportation start before July 15th.

    Parents/guardians must file an  Alternate Transportation Request for Dual Residence Students by July 15th for the regular school year beginning the following September. Once approved, the parent/guardian will be notified and the alternate arrangement will go into effect five (5) school days following that approval. Please read Court Ordered Dual Residence Letter dated July 1, 2016.

    Alternate Transportation is only valid for one school year and MUST be applied for each year.

    If you have any questions, concerns about a bus driver, bus route, bus stop or any other issue please feel free to contact us.