• A Message from Dr. Victor Valeski, Superintendent of Schools

    Leading through Innovation is our theme for 2015-2016. The genesis of this initiative was an acknowledgement that technological advancements have changed the way we teach and students learn in each of our 11 nationally recognized Blue Ribbon schools. We are no longer confined by physical structures or a predefined schedule.

    It is also an acknowledgement that innovation comes from people…people who are experts in their field and are committed to continuous improvement. The East Brunswick staff is committed to investigating improvements in everything we do by utilizing our e3b Equation to keep our schools leading academic, artistic, athletic excellence and innovation.

    We will:  

    Examine our current condition.

    Explore opportunities to improve academics, the arts, athletics or any element impacting the culture of our schools and offices.

    Engage all the appropriate stakeholders in a consensus decision for improvement.

    Benchmark the results with data using a pre-defined standard.

    One of the hallmarks of East Brunswick Public Schools is the passion that is evident every day. That passion drives creativity, and that allows our students to have exceptional academic, artistic and athletic experiences.

    Our relationship with each of you, whether as a parent or community member, continues to be critical to our success. This year we will begin a strategic planning process that will help us make informed decisions to refine the future focus of our district.

    I look forward to seeing you at a variety of events as we embark on a terrific
    school year.Dr. Victor Valeski, Superintendent of Schools



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