• Sight Words:

    Each week your child will come home with a list of sight words that they are working on. We will use the Fry List of 300 words to learn some of the most common words we will see while reading. Sight words are words that your child will learn "by heart." This makes it easier for them to focus on reading trickier words in their books and focus on understanding the story. You can help your child learn these words with a long list of fun activities and games!

    - Sight Word Scavenger Hunt- Place index cards around your house, each with a different sight word. Give your child a fly swatter that they can use to hit each word once they find it and say the word. You can also give them a list of words to find around your house.

    - Use materials such a play-dough, sand, shaving cream to write sight words. 

    - Sight Word Memory Game- Write sight words on index cards (two for each word). Use the cards to play the memory game. Place all the cards face down and pick up two at a time. If you get a match, say the word and take the pair. If it is not a math, flip it back over and try again.

    - Label common objects around your house with their names. This will expose your child to a long list of common words they may see in their reading.

    - Play Sight Word Scavenger Hunt in a familiar book. Make a list of words that are used in your child's favorite book. They can search through the words in the story until they find them all!

    -Sight Word Charades- Try to act out the words. Show your child a list of possible words and have your child identify the correct one!

    - Beat the Clock- Set a timer for one minute. See how many times a sight word can be written during that minute. After counting how many times, use that number as a new goal for another word.