• Phonemic Awareness:

    Phonemic Awareness is the understanding that all words are made up of individual sounds. Strong phonemic awareness is an important early reading skill. You can help your child develop a deeper understanding of phonemic awareness with simple word/sound games. Listed below are some ideas for increasing your child's phonemic awareness.

    - Simply rhyming games- give your child a word such as hat and ask them to name a rhyming word. Keep naming words until you can't think of any more (hat, bat, cat, fat, rat, sat, mat, splat). 

    - Focus on the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words. Show your child a picture such as a moon and ask them to tell you the first sound in the word. The correct answer is the /m/ sound and not the letter M. You can do the same with middle and ending sounds. 

    - Clap out syllables in words. Use words such as elephant and have your child clas each syllable, el-e-phant. 

    - Work on blending sounds together. Ask your child to tell you the word once you say the sounds. For instance, say c-a-t and ask your child to tell you the word. 

    - Work on segmenting sounds. Ask you child to tell you the sounds in a word. In class, we do this by holding up a finger for every sound we hear and then wiggling all our fingers to blend them all together.