Registration is now open until we reach our maximum capacity.  Please note that registration does not confirm placement in the program.  Please use the registration link below to register.  All registrations will be completed online.  There will be no in-person registration.  The 2020/2021 Citizenship Programs will be online instruction.  Virtual Instruction will include mostly interactive instruction combined with some independent components.   

    You will be contacted via email after registration with your date and time for testing.  Your testing email will include date, time, and location. 

    Once testing has been completed, all tests will be graded and placements will be made.  You will receive an email to confirm if you have been placed in a class.  You will then be contacted with your specific virtual schedule.   All Citizenship classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 12:30 pm or from 12:30 pm to 3 pm depending on your placement and test score.  

    All classes are free of charge and excellent attendance is required.  All students must have their own device to participate in the program.  These devices can include a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.  

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    Community Programs is available to answer your questions by email at commprog@ebnet.org, clicking on the link below or by phone at 732-613-6989.

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    American Citizenship Preparation
    While improving their English language skills, foreign-born adults who seek United States citizenship will prepare for naturalization.  Instruction is offered in American history, civics and American culture.  Classroom activities will include practice for the oral exam, writing requirements and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services interview.  Information will be provided about the citizenship process and government forms.  Students are selected for this program based on interview and test results.  Grant Funded Program.