• Student learning

    Engaging Students in Learning

    Skype/ ePals
    Skype/ePals- Traveling Around the World.
    Implemented by Sherri Cagnina - Central School


    The Frozen Tableau- Strategies that allow for student engagement, assessment and fun! Implemented by Allison Servidio - Frost School

     Reading Coach

    Be A Reading Coach!-Teaches students how to be a reading coach with their reading partners. Implemented by Allison Curry

     Community helpers
    Community Helpers in Kindergarten-Volunteers come in to the Kindergarten class to give reinforcement to students with the common goal of giving these new learners the opportunity to do their best. Implemented by Jennifer Beach-Eberle - Memorial Elementary.
    Reading Recomendations
    Reading Recommendations- Each student presents an monthly book sharing project to recommend their favorite books read to their peers.-Implemented by Amanda Allesandro - Central Elementary School.
    Flip Grid
    Flipgrid- A video discussion platform for student engagment that can be used across content areas.  - Featuring Katherine Motusesky, Amanda Allesandro, (Central Elementary) Michelle Lindner (Churchill Junior HS).