• The Harlem Wizards played against all your favorite Staff Members!  

    On Sunday, January 29th the Harlem Wizards were at the Churchill Junior High School gymnasium for a special event sponsored by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from the game and merchandise sold goes back to the Foundation to be used to enrich and enhance the curriculum of East Brunswick Schools. The event was a great success and fun was had by all.

     The fun began soon after the doors opened. Our MC introduced the Wiz kids! These special kids purchased a jersey and  got to warm up with the Wizards Wiz Kid!
     After the game there was a free autograph and picture session

    Below is the full Teacher Player list.  All of the HMS, CJHS and EBHS player team members are exceptional basketball players who formed an Elite squad.  They took the court for the last 8 minutes of the game.  They thought they might be able to SCHOOL the Wizards! 


    Bowne - Kristin Bubnis & Lorraine Zebro
    Central - Katie Motusesky & Sherri Cagnina
    Chittick - Wendy Cukierman & Kim Ballack
    Frost - Matt Randal, Patrick Zampella, Jill Ursino & Chris Weir (elite player)
    Irwin - Jessica Buemi & Sarah Yoffredo
    Lawrence Brook - Aimee Hagan & Krissy Mischke
    Memorial - Anthony Ciraco & Christopher Beckett
    Warnsdorfer - Danielle Grzybek & Emily Wirth
    Hammarskjold Middle School – Dr. Michael Gaskell (Principal), Travis Retzlaff (elite player), & John Schendel (elite player)
    Churchill Junior High - Anthony Alexander (elite player)
    East Brunswick High School - Mike Rubenstein (elite player) , Brian Mcinerney (elite player) & Francis (Rory) Murray (elite player)

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     Game Day 

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