Course Flow Chart
  • 8th Grade Science
    Our 8th grade science courses introduce our students to chemistry, geology, meteorology, and astronomy. Students will perform many laboratory experiments in their science classes. These activities promote inquiry and critical thinking skills. Data analysis and writing scientific claims based on evidence are other skills that are developed. Classes meet for a single period each day.
    • 8th Grade Academic Science (2106)
    • 8th Grade Honors Science (2108) 
      • 7th to 8th Grade Honors Criteria for 2020-21 School year. Students must meet the first two criteria and either 3, or 4 or 5:
        • 1) 92 or Higher in 7th grade science
        • 2) 92 Average on 2nd semester (3rd and 4th Marking periods) common assessments
        • 3) Level 5 NJSLA Math
        • 4) Level 4 NJSLA Math with an 88 or higher in Algebra 1
        • 5) Level 4 NJLSA Math with a 95 or higher in PreAlgebra


    9th Grade Science: Biology 
    Our biology courses have a molecular biology approach, which includes the following topics:
    • Structure and function of matter and organisms
    • Inheritance and variation of traits
    • Natural selection and evolution 
    • Human impact on populations and communities 
    • Academic Biology (2110):  This course is a 6-credit course that meets for one double lab period each week.
    • Honors Biology (2111):  This course is a 7-credit course since it meets for 2 double lab periods each week. This course includes all of the topics in Academic Biology, but with increased depth. It includes additional topics and laboratory experiences, and is taught at a faster pace.
    Science Clubs/Extracurricular Activities:
    • Science Olympiad: The Science Olympiad team competes in a regional competition in January, then top teams advance to the state competition in March. Students try out for a position on the team during the first marking period of the school year, and meetings are held twice each week. Advisors to the CJHS team are William Jasko and Rebecca Cobb. 
    • Science League: Students participating in Science League take a monthly biology test at EBHS after school from January-April. Students try out for a position on the team during the first semester, and weekly meetings are held. The advisor to the team is Maria Ficchi.