Monday June 10 Day 5 double 2,3/Tuesday June 11 Day 1/ Wednesday June 12 Day 2 double 10/11, 12

    Do Now: Copy in notebook

    1. Get into groups and check with answer key

    2. What do we need to bring to final?

    3. Tip of the Day:  Specific Heat

    We are learning SWBAT:

    1. nuclear

    To Do:
    1. check review Answer Key

    2. Rapid Fire Groups

    3. Korffys

    4. Commerical KJ, Zach Goodbye

    5. JA shetty/Prince EA























    1. food au bon
    2. gym 
    3. books
    4. PPP
    5. babysat 
    6. tutor
    7. bowling 
    8. juice
    9. RA
    10. note taker
    I believe you studied.  Don't know how.  Cause you never really had to.
    What was the point of the lab? 
    Density Lab Quiz talk
    1.  you did not care enough to research
    2.  I'm so disappointed
    3.  arrow bullet points.  You did not address the questions.  
    4.  How do you expect to get a 12/12.
    5.  You knew the questions and couldn't even look up the right answer.
    6.  That's messed up.
    7.  Grades are not for free.  I don't grade you cause you breathe.  You must perform.