• News in Room 105
    When your child will be absent please be sure to call the Attendance Line 732-613-6608.
    Please have your child practice tying their shoes and zipping their coats.   
    Most of the children have improved their reading stamina to nearly 20 minutes. Please continue to have them read to you for at least 15 minutes everyday.  They should be able to retell the stories they read.  Remind them to take a sneak peek/picture walk prior to reading any book for the first time.  Ask them to tell you some of the other strategies they use to figure out tricky words.
    We are working on writing poetry and songs.  
    Please make every effort help your child to log into the Everyday Math Website. Playing the games on this site is both fun and educational.  Your childś sign in information should be taped inside of their home folder.