• Week of OCTOBER 14:

    Math 6:  We'll spend the first couple of days this week working with coordinate grids.  We'll plot and label points, then reflect them around the x- or y-axis.  At that point, we'll be done with Unit 1.  We'll do an open response question, then take our second Unit 1 test (Lessons 1.10-1.14) on this Thursday.

    NOTE:  I'm going to stay after school on Wednesday for kids who'd like some extra help.


    Math Prime:  We'll do GCF and LCM word problems to start the week.  We'll spend the rest of the week multiplying and dividing fractions.  Our Unit 2 quiz will be on next Monday, October 21.  It will cover Lessons 2.1-2.8.

    NOTE:  I'm sending home Unit 1 tests today (Monday) , so keep an eye out for them.