•  My feeling is that kids should do what works for them.  Some prefer three ring binders, while others like Marble or spiral notebooks.  However, kids need to be prepared for class on a regular basis.  They'll also want something that is reasonably light and portable.  They should be able to take home their math notes without difficulty, as these notes will help them complete their HW and study for quizzes/tests.    I've listed one possible idea below. 

    BINDER SETUP (1 inch 3-ring binder)

    Very front:  three hole pencil case containing:

     -several pencils

    -a pen

    -a couple of colored pencils

    -a highlighter

    -an eraser

    -a small pencil sharpener

    -a calculator


    After the pencil case:  

    -three ring pocket folder

    -loose leaf paper    

    -Home Links for the current unit