Dear Parents/Guardians:
    I would like to take the opportunity to inform you about our Irwin School
    Chorus.  All 4th or 5th Grade students are invited to participate in this
    extra-curricular ensemble.  Interested students will receive an information
    packet including a chorus letter and contract so you can become more aware of
    the nature of the chorus program at Irwin. I am hoping for your support and participation
    in the development of a fruitful year!  The Irwin School Chorus provides an excellent
    opportunity for your child to develop his/her singing potential.  
    I am really looking forward to working with another group of enthusiastic 
    young singers!
    Important Dates:

    Chorus rehearsals meet every Wednesday from 8:10 - 8:50 beginning on Wednesday,
    September 18th.  Please be on time!
    Mark your calendar:
    Winter Concert:  Wednesday, January 15 (2:00 Assembly and 7 PM Concert)
    Report time will be 6:30 in the Music Room.
    All-District Chorus Festival/Concert is Tuesday, February 4th.
    Chorus students should wear casual attire for the field trip and All-District Students will
    wear black and white concert attire for the evening performance.
    Our Spring Concert is Tuessday, May 19 (2:00 Assembly and 7 PM Concert)
    Report time will be 6:30 PM in the Music Room. 
    Please remember to register online.  To register, go to
    • Irwin School website
    • Click on "Clubs and Activities"
    • Click on "Online Registration and Pay"
    • If you have trouble remembering your username/password, call (732) 613-6674
    • Anyone registering after the deadline will be charged a $5 late fee
    What do young people learn while singing in a chorus?
    When they become aware that their voice is heard above the others and they
    begin to blend their voices, they learn TEAMWORK.
    When they follow their music director's hands through a series of meter and
    dynamic changes, they learn ACCURACY.
    When they begin to appreciate or "grow into" a piece of music, the learn
    When they refrain from talking and interrupting a rehearsal, they learn
    When they listen and concentrate during rehearsal, and when they practice at
    home, they learn SELF-DISCIPLINE.
    When they sing in different languages, they begin to SEE THE WORLD.
    When they don't get the solo they wanted and congratulate the person who did,
    When they sing for the local nursing home, they learn COMPASSION.
    When they learn to perform their first solo and/or perform in front of an
    audience, they learn RISK-TAKING and SELF CONFIDENCE.
    When they excitedly bound out of their singing positions to give a "high
    five" because they finally sang their most difficult piece straight through
    for the first time, they learn PERSERVERANCE.
    When they work hard in concerts and then hear the recording, they learn
    Research shows time and time again that students have only to gain from
    involvement in choral singing and the arts. A well-organized, sustained
    education in music gives our youth intellectual and creative skills that last
    a lifetime.
    Ms. Moore